Introducing PAT, your Project Advisory Toolbox

PAT is tailored in-house training, focused on your needs

PAT modules are designed to address issues arising during a project’s life cycle, from concept through to the end of the limitation period.


PAT provides in-house, customisable training focused specifically on your needs.

The training modules address issues faced by the construction industry during the life cycle of a project, from the concept stage to the end of the limitation period in respect of latent defects.

Rather than sending individual team members to expensive training sessions facilitated by external providers, PAT is a cost-effective solution for the whole team.  We can come to you, or host you in our boardroom.

By defining topics of interest at the outset, we offer you specialised training on specific areas of interest.


Tailored to your team’s training needs, PAT lets you choose specific modules to suit your business.


An economical alternative to generic, external training courses, PAT offers value to your team.